Cracow is located in the south of Poland just a few steps from the beautiful scenery of Tatra’s mountains. This picturesque royal city is a historical heart of the  country and its unique atmosphere is difficult to explain to those who still have not had the opportunity  to visit Cracow.
Old tradition interlaces  with modern times nearly everywhere you go, and each stone has its own history. Among numerous attractions each tourist will discover his own ”magical” Cracow, for some it is a place of prominent historical figures such as Nicholas Copernicus or John Paul II. Others may be fascinated by the world-wide unique underground corridors of the Wieliczka salt mine or will wander round the Kazimierz Jewish district and Wawel’s chambers. However Cracow is also the city of legends that tell us the history of the past events, passion and magic. Here you  will meet the famous dragon from the Wawel Castle and you can visit the places where doctor Johann Faustus used to study magic

and practice it. All that and much more make the city a perfect holiday destination for thousands of tourists visiting Cracow every year.

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