Slovakia is a beautiful country witch a lively capital city and very well developed tourism industrw.
The country has The High Tatras to crow about - a magnificent range of mountains dotted witch vellages and deep peasant traditions. Together with Beskidy they create a perfect  place for recreation .Slovakia is also said to have the highest number of fortified  castles per capita in the whole  world  .There’s probably something for ever traveller to enjo in Slovakia The numerous medieval towos, glamorous views, picturesque lakes, secret Word of caves and the possibility of  bathing in the pools with thermal water make i tan ideal holiday destination for thousands of tourists visiting Slovakia every year. Slovakia is
a landlocked country in Central Europe. The slovak Republick borders Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to

the north, Ukraine to the east and Hangary to the south. The highest

point in Slovakia, the Gerlachovsky` sti’t at 2,655 metres. Slovakia is located in the heart of the central Europe. The Slovak Republic  gained independence in 1993 and is divided into 8 administrative regions (kraj) named after each regon’s main city: Bratislava Region, Trnava Region, Trencie Region, Nitra Region, Żylina Region, Banska Bystrica Region, Presov Region, Kosocice Region. What is more, Slovakia is divided into the natura cultural regions which were shaped during the period of The Hungarian Kingdom, which are at the same time tourist regions : Bratislava, Malokarpatsky region, Zahorie , Myjavska solitary cottage’s region, Podunajsko, Pokazie, Upper Povazie, Ponitrie, Upper Nitra, Kysuce, Orava, Turiec, Horehronie, Pohronie, Podpol’anie, Novohrad, Gemer, Malohont, Liptov, Spis Zamagurie, Saris, Abov, Upper Zemplin and Lower Zemplin. Each region has different traditions, customs and culture.

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