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The Museum is located In the 19th century building that in one time had belonged Chaim Bałamut .In the years 1919 - 1938 the Wojtyla family live in two rosom witch the kitchen at their disposal. The bulilding was transformed into museum and opened for visitors in 1984 on the 64 th birthday of the Pope and the initiators of the event were the Archbishop Franiszek Macharski and Mitred Prlate Edward Zacher, who had been for many years Karol Wojtyla’s catechist.

Although the house  is almost entirely void of the original household effects, it is supposed to remind the figure of the Pope in the place, where He was born on the 18 th May 1920. It was in this house that the Pope took his first stps and the Museum traces the Pope’s childhood as well as his journey from Wdowice to the Holy See in Rome.

The room where He was born and the adjacent kitchen are furnished witch items surviving from the Wojtyla family’s orginal belongings, and also with those Karol Wojtyla used as a Triest and bishop. The visitors canalso see there the object the Karol Wojtyla used in the mountains and Masurian Lakes such as the hiking gear. On display are documents marking major events of his life ;his writings ;photographs from his childhood, adolescence and the German occupation, as well as from his work as a priest  and bishop. Visitors can also see some of the many publications which were published in conjunction with Karol Wojtyla election, the atempt on his life and his pastoral trias to various countries. Some of the captions under the photographs quote the Pope’s autobiographical remarks and literały works. Nuns from the Nazarite order, witch whom the Pope has had ties since childhood, are currently the custodins of John Paul II’s family home.

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